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Is your content reaching the right people? How to analyse and manipulate the strengths and weaknesses of a website to make it rank higher on search engines? Is your website fully optimised to achieve the best rankings? Come register for one of our digital marketing training courses at and answer these questions with a better and holistic understanding of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation is a relatively new but rapidly growing industry in the IT world. Almost every company with an online presence needs a SEO professional. Despite being such a desirable skill there aren’t many qualified professionals both in Pakistan and internationally so there are several companies on the lookout for competitive SEOs. In a constantly evolving, competitive market will prepare you to prove yourself and stay ahead of the curve. With enough experience you can eventually go on to build a SEO agency of your own and become a digital marketing tycoon!

Our skilled team of Google Certified Professionals will teach you how to figure out a practical approach to SEO that is in line with your business’ needs. Special tailored tests will evaluate the state of your SEO authority and identify specific areas for improvement so your websites stand a better chance of ranking higher. With over a decade of industry experience our team is well versed with search engine algorithms and will teach you all there is to know about link building, topic clusters and search authority. We combine all aspects of digital marketing including content, social media and affiliate marketing to provide you a comprehensive understanding of where and how to apply SEO.

Our trained professionals work for some of the leading companies in Pakistan and with they want to enable you to do that as well. SEO is not a one-time wonder. Nor is it something you can set on autopilot and expect great results. It involves a series of important, ongoing tactics and strategies and we take pride in the being the only Pakistani institute that provides training in that!



Abdul Wahab Ahmad

Chief Trainer
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Ali Raza

Chief Trainer

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    Tauseef Ahmad

    “The structures presented provided solutions to very complicated problems. SEO is a significant challenge. At the beginning, I felt anxious, but Mr. Abdul Wahab Ahmed made sense of even the most challenging problems and obstacles.”


    Nouman Yousaf

    “Every content writing job I applied to asked for an understanding of SEO. I wanted to become financially independent and fund my own studies. While registering in this course wasn’t easy it certainly turned out to be the most profiting investment. The skills and experience I have gained from learning under google certified experts, is unlike anything I could’ve got online. Mr. Ali Raza and Abdul Wahab Ahmed are the mentors everyone need! They made everything so understandable and easy. Today I have not only completed my Masters, I’m funding my sibling’s education and have made a proper, successful career out of SEO. All thanks to”


    Samiullah Khan

    “My online business had poor growth. I was struggling to be found online let alone ranking higher. I hired several digital marketing agencies and even paid copious sums to some. None of it brought results until one day I stumbled across and decided to register for the digital marketing course. Not only am I saving on paying an agency I have full control of how and where I want to market my products and business has been flourishing. I will always be thankful to for empowering me with such a valuable skill.”



    “If today I understand the intricacies of what my clients want it’s all thanks to I was never one for a 9 to 5 job. Learning this skill from a team of Google Certified Experts has allowed me to work on my own terms. I could be taking a vacation in Hunza with my family while optimising a site for a renowned business. Bog love to Ali Raza and everybody who made my learning experience so smooth. ”


    Usman Kokab

    “ For more than one year, I was in search of such a professional SEO technologist, but in vain because most of them are usually using black hat SEO techniques from which results cannot be lasted for a long period of time, so thank God, it was my fortunate when I finally decided to get trained for Search Engine Optimization I found Sir. Abdul-Wahab Ahmed, Google Certified Professional, who enhanced my abilities in SEO and made my interest up to think about further learning in Internet Marketing like PPC, Adwords, Google Analytic Certification, etc. in future. It would be my pleasure to learn more and more from Abdul-Wahab. Thanks a lot sir. ”



    Or call us at: 0321-7867900 / 0323-1494050