What are the latest SEO techniques to follow on the websites?

Though there is a lot of work upon the search engine optimization techniques and strategies but few latest and most application, now a days are suggested by the SEO gurus are mostly about the application of Google provided tools. Some of these strategies are, generally, proposed by the SEO auditors of your website are on-page and off-page SEO. But, general SEO expert may start with the usage of the Google Analytics who helps you to understand your website visitors and users. Then comes the job of the content writer and the SEO starts to create the SEO optimized landing pages.

The second most important strategy is to make your website mobile device friendly. This is important as the usage of search engine queries is increasing upon the smartphones. Another important strategy is to grow incoming traffic is by uploading infographics upon the websites. Gurus are of the view that is such strategies are adopted, the page optimizations may be increase, enormously.

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